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50K Relay

If you and your coworkers are looking for a great bonding experience, take our 50K course and break it into 4 roughly equal pieces. Beautiful views, epic climbs and a memory your team won’t soon forget. The course is a figure 8 pattern where the first transition is midway through the first loop, the second is back at the start finish area and the third is midway through the second loop. Entries this year are limited to 30 teams so sign up soon.

Relay Team Packet

The first leg runner will begin with the 50K race at 7:45 am

First Leg: One of the easier legs of the relay several small hills but mostly rolling single track. 8.75 miles

Second Leg: This is the most challenging part of the relay, significant hills and a section of rocky terrain. To make up for the difficulty this leg is only 6.75 miles.

Third Leg: This is also a difficult stage, not quite as much climbing as the second but still a challenge with a long rocky section. 8.25 miles

Fourth Leg: Probably the easiest leg of the relay, lots of rolling single track along the river and a few moderate hills. 7.25 miles

Combine both 25K maps to see the full 50k course.

The maps are living documents and may be subject to changes based on weather and trail conditions. Mileage may vary.