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The 50k course is one long loop in the shape of a figure 8, which means the runners will pass through the start/finish area after completing the first 25k. Runners will then continue on a separate 25k loop. The first loop has significant elevation gain from the river all the way to the highest bluff in the park and is also the 25K Fun Run/Challenge course; the second loop contains less elevation gain and is also the regular 25K course. 50K runners are cautioned to not pass back through the Start/ Finish line once they have crossed it in order to prevent their time from becoming invalidated.

The 50K course has approximately 3250 ft. of elevation gain so come prepared.

The maps are living documents and may be subject to changes based on weather and trail conditions. Mileage may vary.

Food items will be offered at several water stations along the 50K course

The 50k Drop Zone is located at the Start/Finish line and will be sectioned off.